9 Crop Demonstrations You Don’t Want to Miss

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One of the most important decisions you make every year is seed. From picking the right supplier who will provide you with healthy, clean seeds to finding varieties with genetics that perform on your fields, this is a critical decision. 

It’s important not to rush this decision and to make it with as much experience and knowledge about products as possible. At Syngenta’s Fields of Innovation September 27-29 in Grootebroek, Netherlands, we hope you’ll take time to examine up-and-coming vegetable varieties yourself

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Take time to ask questions, taste the varieties, and see how they perform in real-world conditions. Mark your calendars today and plan your visit to see these crops: 

iStem Cauliflower

See and taste this award-winning cauliflower variety. Winner of the bronze Innovation Award at Fruit Logistica in 2022, Syngenta’s iStem is edible from head to tip – including leaves! Walk fields with agronomists, taste florets with chefs, and learn more about what makes this innovation so special. With great flavor, tender bites, and creative consumers, iStem is sure to be in high demand. 

Green Bean

Green bean growers who serve both fresh and processing markets need to be nimble to adapt to changing needs. Syngenta will share insights into the green bean market, new varieties, and more information about how to make your green bean crop successful every season. The green bean market is bursting with opportunity, are you ready to take advantage of it?  

Mini and Midi Romaine

Mini Romaine

Syngenta’s latest agronomic advancements in mini and midi romaine give growers peace-of-mind all season long against adverse weather conditions, pests, and diseases. We will feature Phelago and Flamingo mini romaine, and Actina midi romaine. Discover strong tolerances to tipburn, bolting, fusarium, aphids, and more to learn how these tasty varieties could thrive in your fields. Don’t forget to give these small lettuces a taste, too! 

Pointed Savoy Cabbage

Pointed Savoy

Are you prepared to meet market demands for new types of produce? Learn more about the newest pointed savoy cabbage variety available. You’ll recognize its uniformity in the field and have the chance to taste its sweet flavor profile with each crisp bite. Most importantly, Syngenta will showcase the variety’s high yield potential and discuss the crop’s defensive traits and harvestability.  


Discover new varieties including their agronomic traits and taste qualities. Because weather conditions are changing and climate change is only making those swings more dramatic, Syngenta offers an onion with reliability during unpredictable weather conditions. But that’s not all! This year, check out our first Downy Mildew-resistant variety! These fungi can cause severe yield and quality problems, but resistance can help protect your crop. 

Sweet Corn

We’re setting a new standard for sweet corn, and it’s one your customers can’t wait to sink their teeth into. With super-sweet kernels, crunchy texture, and full-bodied flavor, this is one golden treat you’ll want in your lineup next season. Discover Glacial and bicolored sweet corn and taste the difference yourself. Check out four unique varieties in the field, including: Sweet Spirit, Accentuate, Higlow52, and Glacial White.  


Look at the many spinach varieties in plots to see what Syngenta’s resistant varieties offer. With recently announced resistance to Stemphylium with Peronospora and continuing research into other key diseases, Syngenta varieties provide high yield opportunities all season long. Get an inside look at what Syngenta is doing with the varieties on the market today, and what they’re planning in the future.  


Zefiros Squash Highlight

By focusing on disease resistance and optimizing yield, Syngenta is finding short- and long-cycle varieties that fit all markets. Squash is grown around the world, and that means there are many different demands, pests pressures, and other considerations for breeders. Take a look at varieties from the Superb Squash lineup, including Rhodos, Milos, Eros, Naxos, Broncos, Syros, Patmos, Zefiros, Amorgos, Golden Glory, and Brice 

White Cabbage

With unpredictable pests, temperature, and rainfall, it’s important to find cabbage varieties that thrive in adverse conditions. Syngenta experts will feature the Super Team line of white cabbage. These standout cabbage varieties showcase high levels of resistance to Thrips/Xanthomonas and adapt to changing growing conditions, making them easy to grow and providing peace-of-mind throughout the season.  

Register, free, today for Fields of Innovation to learn more about these varieties, what they can do for your operation, and how they provide peace-of-mind.

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