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Over 415 award-winning and innovative tomato varieties

Creating tomato varieties for the future

At Syngenta Vegetable Seeds, we’re dedicated to supporting our customers and partners around the world in an industry that is unique and complex. We’re well known for our constant innovation in tomatoes and proud of the global recognition our varieties receive.


Meeting grower needs with global research and development



A global R&D footprint

We collect, consolidate, and analyze huge volumes of data to develop roadmaps for the tomato seeds of the future. 

experience tomato

Experience TomatoVision

TomatoVision is home to our research and development where new hybrids are tested and selected. From concept varieties to taste testing, today’s smartest tomato breeders are working on 800 new varieties, all within our 1,400-square-meter high-tech greenhouse located in Maasland, Netherlands.

My mission is to increase the final yield for growers. Disease resistance, longer shelf lives, fruits that can be transported with less damage … every incremental advance helps to make our industry more sustainable.” — Ruud Kaagman, Global Crop Unit Head, Tomatoes

We’re harnessing the power of machine learning to create new varieties that are less labor-intensive and more productive without sacrificing desirable traits, making them even more attractive to growers and consumers. 

Tomato Genetics

Tomato genetics fit for your region

Because we work closely with growers in more than 100 countries, we have a deep understanding of which tomato seeds will deliver the best crops at the best prices for your particular needs.




Production and supply centers across the world

Today, you’ll find our tomato seeds in more than 140 countries, delivering the crops that you need — and your customers want. For us, developing and improving varieties is a passion driven by insight and innovation. 

Managing critical disease resistance

Syngenta was the first company to market a tomato variety with resistance to Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus (ToBRFV), a highly transmissible tomato virus.
When the outbreak began, we screened all of our germplasm in a systematic search for natural resistance to the virus. And we found it. Hailed as a major breakthrough in the battle against this destructive and persistent virus, our Lansor beef tomato was a big hit in Mediterranean countries that were affected first and most heavily. This was quickly followed by our Barosor beef tomato. Since then, we’ve continued to work tirelessly to provide solutions for tomato growers. Today we have varieties available with ToBRFV resistance, with many more in development. 


“Growers can lose up to 70% of their produce due to the virus, and it’s spreading rapidly.” — Ruud Kaagman, Global Crop Unit Head, Tomatoes

First to announce ToBRFV resistance

Syngenta was the first to announce ToBRFV resistance in late 2020, and we planted the first commercial varieties in early 2021. Since then, we’ve continued to work tirelessly to provide solutions for tomato growers.

Find your fit for any method of tomato production

Our portfolio of tomato seeds includes more than 300 varieties, providing solutions that satisfy all of your customers’ preferences. From open-field growing to passive greenhouses or active greenhouses, Syngenta brings you an unrivaled choice of tomato varieties. Our approach goes far beyond simply selling tomato seeds. We create an environment where everyone succeeds, with solutions that enhance the entire value chain from field to plate. 

Tomatoes growing in open field

Open field

Open-field growing still accounts for 65% of all tomatoes grown worldwide. We’re supporting open-field tomato growers at the Naples research station. Located just south of the frost line in Florida, the Syngenta Naples research station allows for two generations per year of vegetable crops to be grown. The facility includes more than 100 open-field acres and contains more than 604 square meters of greenhouse space, in addition to controlled growth environments and laboratories to meet grower and retail demand.
Tomatoes growing in passive greenhouse

Passive greenhouse

At Syngenta, we are always innovating to support our growers across production practices. Our India Greenhouse program is a great example of an initiative to finance greenhouses that will help smallholder farmers produce larger, healthier crops that are protected from disease vectors, such as insects.
Syngenta Vegetable Seeds Plant in Pasco, Washington

Active greenhouse

Syngenta takes a leadership role in protecting seed health and was a key initiator of the Good Seed and Plant Practices (GSPP) hygiene and prevention system that reduces the risk of Clavibacter michiganensis (Cmm) for tomato. GSPP ensures the production site’s quality management system, work methods, and information comply with standards to ensure healthy seeds and plants, and quality information per production site, entity, lot, or batch.

Constant innovation results in exceptional varieties

By focusing our efforts on developing brand-new tastes, colors, and nutritional qualities through constant innovation, one of the many varieties we created was the award-winning YOOM®, the winner of the prestigious Fruit Logistica Innovation Award 2020! Learn more about YOOM and other innovations:



- Attractive purple skin and great flavor.
- Rich in vitamins and
- Ideal for health-conscious

The combination of amino acids and flavors
delivers a strong taste of umami that
heightens the intensity and the
tastiness of foods.


- Grown year-round.
- Skin color ranging from golden green to deep brown.
- Sweet and intense flavor with slightly acidic notes.

An intense, sweet, flavorful tomato of exceptional quality, recognized by its round, smooth shape and golden green to dark brown color.

Il Camone®

- Round, smooth, and medium-small sized tomato.
- High-value salad variety grown only in Italy.
- Hand-harvested by authorized producers who guarantee its superior quality and total traceability to discerning outlets.

A truly unique taste that is characterized by a perfect balance of fresh, sweet, and savory notes.


- Shiny and intense, red-colored baby plum,
ideal for snacking.
- Crunchy with a well-balanced, intense flavor.
- Excellent aroma and
10% organic sugars.

Our baby plum tomato range is almost 100% marketable and consumable, creating minimal waste.


- Generative plant provides constant fruit setting with balanced growth and minimal fruit drop.
- High tolerance against micro-cracking.
- Balanced flavor profile and excellent shelf life to drive retail and grower demand.

An attractive, small snack tomato with an intense red color, beautiful shine and unrivaled flavor.

Processing tomatoes:

Truckload of tomatoes

Maximizing grower productivity

If you process tomatoes — or supply tomatoes to processors — you know the challenges facing the industry with climate changes, drought, higher temperatures, and fewer water resources. To help growers and processors meet those challenges, Syngenta is investing in developing new varieties for the processing market.

We continue to research and develop seeds with higher Brix ratings, more dry matter, better disease resistance, and predictable, uniform ripening times. 

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