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Tomato seeds

Tomato seeds for every grower, any market

Wherever you are, whatever your market, our tomato seeds deliver the crops that you need and your customers want. For us, developing and improving varieties is a passion driven by insight and innovation.

Our introduction of the first snacking tomatoes, for example, created a high-value market segment with valuable new profit opportunities for you. Today, we still lead the market with popular varieties such as our Angelle and Sweetelle tomatoes. And that’s not all.

Our portfolio of tomato seeds includes 415 varieties, giving you solutions that satisfy all of your customers’ preferences. From open-field growing to passive greenhouses to active greenhouses, you now have an unrivaled choice of tomato seeds.

Our direct presence and local experience bring you reliable, purpose-bred crops for a strong competitive advantage. That’s why some of these varieties are already predicted to capture the market despite being a breeding programme in its infancy.


We’re focused on the future, too

Our direct presence and local experience bring you reliable, purpose-bred crops for a strong competitive advantage. That’s why some of these varieties are already predicted to capture the market despite being a breeding programme in its infancy.

snack tomato

The crops you need to succeed

And it’s not just Brazil following these trends. We’re running similar snacking tomato programs in Turkey and Morocco.

No matter where you are located, or the particular challenges that you face, our tomato seeds will give you the crops you need to succeed now and in the years ahead, as we continue to optimize every link in the value chain.

Saladette tomato

Saladette Tomato

Our large and growing germplasm pool, 23 active breeding programs and continuing investments in technology ensure that our tomato seeds will produce the crops you need today and in the years ahead.

One example is our Saladette Tomato breeding program in Brazil which, after 8 years of selective breeding, is about to yield the first varieties bred in Brazil, specifically for Brazil, at a time when growers are looking for dependable weather and affordable labour.

Solving challenges today. Making the marketings of tomorrow.

In Europe, snacking tomatoes such as our Sweetelle and Angelle varieties dominate the supermarket shelves, meeting consumers’ demand for small, sweet, and easy-to-eat tomatoes with an unmistakable crunch.


Saaho tomato seeds

Because we work closely with growers like you in more than 100 countries, we have a deep understanding of which tomato seeds will deliver the best crops at the best prices for your precise and particular needs. 

For example, tomato growers across India now insist on our Saaho tomato seeds. Saaho produces high yields and is ideal for tomato-based curries. It also has excellent disease resistance and firm flesh that protects the fruit even when transported for hundreds of kilometres. Today it is overwhelmingly the most popular variety in India...

Best crops at the best prices

What do your customers want?

Long shelf life? Uniformity? Sweetness? Great taste and color? Tomatoes for processing? Tomatoes for cooking? Tomatoes for snacking? Our unrivaled range of tomato seeds will let you grow the right crop every time.

Our tomato seeds. Your success.

Solutions like these help growers to earn more, becoming stronger and more independent. As they grow, we bring in fertilizer companies and irrigation specialists to further develop their operations. It’s a supportive, collaborative approach in which success leads to success.

Syngenta crops

India Greenhouse programme

Our approach goes far beyond simply selling tomato seeds. We create an environment where everyone can succeed, with solutions that enhance the entire value chain from field to plate.

Our India Greenhouse programme is a great example. This is an initiative to finance greenhouses to smallholder farmers. So now they can produce larger, healthier crops that are protected from disease vectors such as insects.

What’s more, we also work closely with stakeholders across the value chain, identifying opportunities and developing new markets.

Whatever your operation, from smallholder to multi-national, when you buy Syngenta tomato seeds, you’re investing in a stronger and more predictable future.


Recent innovations

yoom tomatoes in packaging


A variety that not only has an attractive purple skin and great flavor but is unusually rich in vitamins and anthocyanins: ideal for your health-conscious consumers.
il camone tomatoes being picked

Il Camone®

A high value salad variety exclusive to Italy, hand-harvested by authorized producers who guarantee its superior quality and total traceability to discerning outlets.
kumato tomatoes on chopping board


Grown all year round, this specialist variety has a skin color ranging from golden green to deep brown and is prized for its juicy texture and its sweet and intense flavor with slightly acidic notes.

Tomato seeds for disease resistant crops

Hailed as a major breakthrough in the battle against this destructive and persistent virus, our Lansor beef tomato was a big hit in Israel, Turkey, Spain, Portugal and other Mediterranean countries. Our Barosor beef tomato quickly followed this. And you can expect more. We are in the process of launching five more new varieties for you, with similar resistance, in cluster tomatoes and some other segments. What’s more, our advanced laboratories are now using streamlined processes to protect you from ToBRFV and other diseases, by adding resistance into as many varieties as possible using our Trait Integration laboratories. 

In the next three years around two hundred of our existing varieties – and all of our new ones – will also benefit, giving you a better, more predictable future.

Tomatoes disease resistant

ToBRFV resistance

Most tomato growers know the devastating potential of the tomato brown rugose fruit virus (ToBRFV) and the efforts being made to contain and eradicate it. But did you know that Syngenta was the first tomato seed supplier to introduce a variety with ToBRFV resistance.

When the ToBRFV outbreak began, we immediately started screening our entire germplasm in a systematic search for natural resistance to the virus. And we found it.

Tomato seeds for disease resistant crops

Advancing the science of tomato seeds

Advancing the science of tomato seeds

Everything we do is driven by data

In-depth expertise has given us the foundations of innovation. But it is data that informs our decisions. So we collect, consolidate and analyze huge volumes of data to develop roadmaps for the tomato seeds of the future.

We are harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to create new varieties that are less labour intensive and more productive without sacrificing desirable traits, making them even more attractive to growers, and consumers. Everything we do is driven by data.

Whatever you need - sweeter taste, longer shelf life, greater disease resistance, uniform appearance, less waste, greater sustainability, amazing taste – we make it happen. Our tomato seeds will produce crops that you and your customer’s buyers and consumers want, and which reliably thrive in your environment. 

“My mission is to increase the final yield for growers. Disease resistance, longer shelf lives, fruits that can be transported with less damage – every single win, every incremental advance - helps to make our industry more sustainable. And that’s good for everyone.”

Ruud Kaagman, Global Crop Unit Head Tomatoes

Tomatoes for processing

Tomatoes for processing

Our solutions are meeting your needs

If you process tomatoes or supply tomatoes to processors, we have some excellent news. Following our acquisition of Woodbridge Seed Company and an ambitious investment programme, we are working on several new varieties for processing.

Building on our 12% share of the California market, the next few years will see the introduction of seeds that meet your needs by yielding crops with higher Brix ratings, more dry matter, better disease resistance and predictable, uniform ripening times. 

It’s yet another example of how our solutions are...