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One of Syngenta's state-of-the-art tomato research, production, trialing, and taste testing facilities.

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TomatoVision uses cutting-edge technology combined with our years of tomato expertise to advance our research and development — from concept varieties to taste testing. Our tomato breeders are working on tomorrow’s best varieties, all within our high-tech greenhouse, located in Maasland, Netherlands.

Future-Ready Tomatoes from Greenhouse to Consumer


Tomato Research & Breeding


Tomato Production & Trialing


Tomato Taste Testing

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Testing and Selection

Take a peek through the greenhouse glass to see science and technology in action. This facility brings together talented scientists, robotics, data technology, and so much more to create the tomato varieties of the future.



800 new varieties are tested annually with a combination of traditional and cutting-edge breeding techniques.


Designed to mimic real-world conditions,
featuring lit and unlit cultivation with complete climate control for variety testing and selection.


Testing cutting-edge technologies with
harvesting robots and and artificial intelligence to breed tomatoes that will be ready for the future of greenhouse production.
 “We want to develop varieties that truly meet growers’ and customers’ demands. By creating this connection between our breeders and the market, we are able to deliver fine-tuned varieties” — Ruud Kaagman, Global Tomato Crop Unit Head at Syngenta. 



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Research & Development

On-site experts actively navigate and solve tomato growers’ biggest challenges. For example, Syngenta researchers continue to test for new modes of action to defend crops against Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus.

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Consumer Experience

Hold, try, and taste our tomato varieties just as consumers would. The facility features a test kitchen, grocery displays, and anything you might need to see how Syngenta tomatoes could fit into your operation, processing facility, grocery store, and more.


Global Hub for Collaboration

The site includes open spaces to serve as a hub for collaboration to share ideas and expertise, with a view right into the greenhouse itself.

Tomato Portfolio

Discover the varieties best suited to your environment and production style.

ToBRFV Information Center

Discover what resistances Syngenta offers and best practices to reduce its spread.