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Coraletta Brussels Sprout

Coraletta Brussels Sprout

This delicious, surprisingly purple vegetable is a bit nutty and sweeter in taste than the well-known green sprout.

Broccoli EasyBroq

EASYBROQ® Broccoli

A special broccoli with a long and tasty stem. Made through classical selection techniques EASYBROQ, is the result of many years of hard work and dedication. It is versatile and fits very well with short preparation time, while it will maintain its excellent taste.

IDEAL Melons, Meet your Perfect Match

IDEAL Melons

We know exactly what you desire and need in the perfect cantaloupe melon. Now, when you choose IDEAL Melons, you can rest easy knowing you have met the ripe melon for you.

il camone tomato

iLcamone Tomato

"The real one" is grown only in Italy and only by authorized producers, who guarantee its superior quality and total traceability. Harvested exclusively by hand, once it has reached the perfect level of ripeness, and then sent to the best supermarkets and fruit and vegetable shops throughout the peninsula.

Syngenta Vegetable Seeds iStem Cauliflower

iStem Cauliflower

Syngenta’s eat-it-all iStem® cauliflower won the Bronze Innovation Award at Fruit Logistica 2022

frisette flower sprout dish

FRISETTA Flower Sprout

Frisetta is a delicious Flower Sprout with a mild and cheerful flavor. Also going by the name Kale Sprout, this natural cross between a sprout and curly kale looks magnificent. And it forms the basis for various recipes.

Yoom Tomato

YOOM™ Tomato

Its unique colour, together with its size, crunchy texture and juicy inside, make YOOM™ the perfect tomato to enjoy in your salads and aperitifs or even just on its own!



One of Syngenta's state-of-the-art tomato research, production, trialing, and taste testing facilities.

Angello brand teaser


The award-winning, two-bite snack pepper loved for its crunch, convenience, sweetness, and flavour!