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Value Chain Brands

Coraletta Brussels Sprout

Coraletta Brussels Sprout

This delicious, surprisingly purple vegetable is a bit nutty and sweeter in taste than...

Broccoli EasyBroq

EASYBROQ® Broccoli

A special broccoli with a long and tasty stem. Made through classical selection...

il camone tomato

iLcamone Tomato

"The real one" is grown only in Italy and only by authorized producers, who...

frisette flower sprout dish

FRISETTA Flower Sprout

Frisetta is a delicious Flower Sprout with a mild and cheerful flavor. Also going by...

Kumato Tomato

Kumato® Tomato

Kumato® is a dark brown tomato that is unique in quality and flavor. With just the...

Yoom Tomato

YOOM™ Tomato

Its unique colour, together with its size, crunchy texture and juicy inside, make YOOM...