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We’re on the leading edge of cucurbits – cantaloupe, watermelon, cucumber, and squash. From seedless watermelon to the all-new IDEAL Melons with the Harvest Indicator trait, we’re finding solutions that help growers be more successful


Start Healthy, Stay Healthy

Keeping your crop healthy is paramount – disease and pests can steal not only precious yield, but fruit quality as well. Syngenta works hard every year to identify resistance traits for cucurbit production to help protect crops from diseases and viruses day-in and day-out.

melons on field


Consumers around the world count on growers to provide them with cucumber, watermelon, squash, and cantaloupe, even in the heart of winter. We want to help you provide consumers with what they need. For example, our cucumbers are specially adapted for winter, providing excellent yield and quality even in the coldest months.


Consumer Driven

It’s important that growers are able to meet consumer demands – even when their preferences change. We’re keeping an eye on the market to identify and adapt to new opportunities, like mini seedless watermelon. For small families, it’s the perfect size and tastes great for an afternoon picnic or summer lunch.


Sustainable Minded

We want to help you be more sustainable – from planting to grocery shelf. So, we’re finding solutions throughout the value chain. In cucumbers, you’ll see this commitment with our post-harvest quality, which reduces the need for plastic packaging.