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Attend Fields of Innovation to discover solutions for today and inspiration for what's to come tomorrow.

You'll find practical solutions for the field and the produce sector — from new varieties to breeding techniques, machinery, and agronomic solutions.

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9 out of 10 Growers said they plan on returning in 2022

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Tour the newest varieties right in the field with some of the world's leading experts in lettuce and spinach, green bean and pea, broccoli and cauliflower, and more!

Learn how Syngenta is supporting grower sustainability with innovative breeding, soil health technology, and new tools to use in the field.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how breeding happens at our new Seed Technology Center and Backcross Factory at the event.

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Innovation doesn't stop at Fields of Innovation, learn how we are helping growers year round.

iStem Cauliflower - Man in Field Harvesting Cauliflower with an edible stem.

iStem® cauliflower wins Innovation Award

iStem the "eat-it-all" cauliflower charms consumers and reduces food waste. Istem brings home the third place Bronze Award!
Syngenta Vegetable Seeds teams are in Asia, Africa, Americas, Europe, and elsewhere.

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See where Syngenta Vegetable Seeds operates. We're proud to serve growers in more than 100 markets around the world!
Coraletta Brussels Sprout

Meet our Value Chain Product Brands

From our award-winning iStem® cauliflower to Frisetta flower sprout, we've got products that differentiate your offering!
Syngenta Vegetables Good Growth Plan - Farmer in South East Asia with Watermelon

Learn about the Syngenta Sustainability Goals

Our new Good Growth Plan puts the fight against climate change and biodiversity loss at the heart of farming’s productive future.