Roots and bulbs

Proven and reliable varieties that will provide you with excellent results

Your partners for roots and bulbs

Our carrot and onion seeds are already favored by growers around the world. Today, we are continuing to increase our presence in the roots and bulbs segments to become one of the future market leaders.

Here’s what you can expect when you team up with Syngenta: Proven and reliable varieties that will provide you with excellent results. We’re your partner for meeting the world’s food needs as we bring you the best seeds for roots and bulbs.


Carrot Champion

Innovations in roots and bulbs. Our success is your advantage. Everything we do is focused on finding new ways to tackle the daily, real-world issues faced by growers. Supporting your successful harvests is key.

Our carrot variety Champion is an excellent example, bringing benefits across the value chain. Bred for its adaptability to a variety of habitats and climates, the Champion carrot is a medium-early hybrid of the Nantes type for the fresh pre-pack market in summer, autumn and early winter. What’s more, its good field-standability means the mechanical harvest period can be extended to suit weather patterns or market price trends.

Syngenta Vegetable Seeds Innovation in Roots and Bulbs

Downy Mildew-resistant varieties

Disease resistance in onion is an important consideration. In response to increased disease pressure, we are introducing Downy Mildew-resistant varieties to make your crop more resilient, giving you healthier, fuller crops.

And that’s not all. As you’d expect from Syngenta, we’re firmly focused on enabling superior yields more sustainably.

We’re developing new varieties better suited to mechanical harvesting to assist where labour is limited and providing natural disease resistance to bolster yields with fewer inputs.

We’re achieving these goals by working in close collaboration with growers like you. With your help, our specialist crop teams are bringing important new varieties to market faster, with support to help you be successful.

Your onions and carrots of the future


Reliability and consistency

We’re committed to bringing you onion and carrot seeds that helps maximize yields, with the reliability and consistency demanded by your most exacting customers. We continuously invest in new and emerging genetics and breeding technologies, so you can be confident our new varietal attributes will significantly increase your marketable yield potential for multiple markets and segments from very long day to long day, intermediate and short day.