Angello Seedless Sweet Pepper

The award-winning, two-bite snack pepper loved for its crunch, convenience, sweetness, and flavor!

The Premiere Sweet Pepper for Retailers, Chefs, and Consumers

Are you looking for innovative, functional and sustainable products? Look no further. Every link of the value chain – from growers to distributors to consumers – wins with Angello™ Seedless Sweet Peppers.

Great vegetables start with great seeds. At Syngenta Vegetable Seeds, we utilize decades of experience, innovative techniques, and new technologies to create new products that taste great, have high nutrition, and require fewer environmental resources. Our state-of-the art breeding programs help create healthy, tasty products in line with consumer trends – including Angello!


What are Angello Sweet Pepperse
What are Angello Sweet Peppers?

Awarded with the prestigious Fruit Logistica Gold Innovation Award in 2012, Angello Seedless Sweet Pepper is the result of careful research and selection programs aimed at offering the market a unique tasting experience. Snack format, absence of seeds, attractive colors and versatility of use are some of its advantages.

- Jeremie Chabanis, Value Chain Head for Europe, Africa, and Middle East.

Innovation You Can Eat: All of the Flavor, None of the Seeds

Angello is an innovative sweet and seedless pepper that is rich with aromatics, delectable and delicate, yet capable of conquering even the most demanding consumer trends and meeting the flavor desires of all.

  • Enjoy an extraordinarily aromatic, tasty, and sweet pepper (up to 13° Brix) perfect for sharing sweet mealtime moments.
  • High in vitamin C and versatile for many culinary preparations such as a modern aperitif, as a snack, and even dipped in chocolate as a dessert.
  • Its vivid color and its characteristic conical shape make Angello a unique and captivating presence on the plate and the grocery store shelf.

Angello gives you the full package in a small, easy-to-eat form with a pleasant sweet flavor, making it perfect to be enjoyed on any occasion. In fact, it is the only seedless pepper in the mini segment currently on the market. 

Angello Seedless Sweet Pepper - Product Image with Logo

Recipes with Angello: From Simple Snack to Signature Ingredient

Angello Recipes: Thai salad of rice noodles, thinly sliced seedless pepper, baby plum and peanut
Angello Recipes: Gazpacho of baby plum and seedless peppers
Angello Recipes: Tempura of seedless peppers with soy ginger dip
Angello Recipes: Tapenade of puffed seedless pepper, capers and olive with pecorino on toast
Angello Recipes Stuffed seedless peppers with spicy hummus
Angello Recipes: Stuffed seedless peppers with quail egg from the oven
Stir fried seedless pepper with shrimps, zucchini, garlic and parsley
Seedless pepper shoots with mackerel salad
Romesco sauce made from seedless peppers
Caprese with a twist
Carpaccio of puffed seedless peppers with feta, raspberries and pine nuts

Angello Seedless Sweet Pepper Sets A New Standard for Retailers

While peppers are a common sight in the kitchen, they lacked modernization needed by today's fast-paced, health-conscious consumer. Traditional seeded snack peppers meant healthy snacking required either time-consuming preparation to remove seeds, or dealing with a mouthful of seeds and a poorer eating experience.

These barriers for consumers prevented the pepper category from recording exponential growth. 

Disruption in the segment was needed, enter Angello sweet, seedless peppers. At just 8 to 12 cm in size – a perfect two bites – they're ready for raw consumption straight from the bag. No seeds, no problem!

Its sweet taste allows consumers – especially those who may not usually enjoy traditional sweet peppers – enjoy a range of eating experiences while still benefiting from the healthy properties of this nutritious vegetable.

What are the Important Features of Angello Seedless Sweet Peppers?

  • Unique seedless cavity.
  • Packed with vitamin C and minerals.
  • Sweet taste and peppery aromatics.
  • Available in multiple colors in an 8–12 cm size.
  • No waste from seeds and no wasted flesh from preparation.
  • Suitable cooked or raw in entrees, main dishes, or in desserts.
  • Adapts to local growing conditions and available year-round.
  • Addresses increased demand for healthy snacks.

A Complete, Multi-Color Product Line Available Today

The three colors are available today. The Angello red variety 'Angelito' and the Angello yellow variety 'Angelloro' are on the market today, and the orange variety 'Navelito', introduced at Fruit Logistica 2020, is now available. With more varieties in development, the entire line of varieties are true to the Angello brand promise and offer excellent sweetness, are seedless, and have the signature conical Angello Seedless Sweet Pepper shape.

Angello Seedless Sweet Pepper varieties are available in many markets around the world, such as Australia, Japan, Korea, Italy, and the United States.

Angelito - Red Angello Seedlesss Sweet Pepper

'Angelito' Red Angello™ Seedless Sweet Pepper

Give your taste buds an adventure with this classic and popular Angelito red pepper.

Angello Pepper image

'Navelito' Orange Angello™ Seedless Sweet Pepper

Navelito, our newest addition, gives you a vibrant orange color to add to any plate.

Angello Global Image

'Angelloro' Yellow Angello™ Seedless Sweet Pepper

Angelloro adds a zesty yellow hue to the plate while the sweet flavor consumers demand.

Interested in Learning About Angello Seedless Sweet Peppers?

The Seeds and Products are live products and are therefore subject to potentially adverse environmental and climatic conditions and that stress caused by such conditions and/or natural cross-pollination can cause these Products to contain seeds. Angello™ is a registered Trade Mark of Syngenta Group Company.