Meet our world leader portfolio of pepper seeds

There are more than 600 varieties of peppers around the world. From burn-your-tastebuds spicey to sweet, peppers offer consumers taste for any pallet. For growers, they are versatile and allow you to be nimble to meet market needs.

Syngenta is passionate about peppers. We invest in research to breed better peppers – from agronomic considerations, to taste, it all matters to us because we know it matters to you.

yellow peppers


Because you can’t control the weather or pest pressure, our research teams work to find pepper varieties that withstand stress. Our peppers tolerate seasonal stress and natural disease pressure to provide high-quality fruits that maintain presentation longer.

green peppers

Global Reach

Peppers are a staple crop around the world. Our specialist breeding facility across Asia pacific and Europe work continuously to improve seeds so they can survive challenging climactic conditions, while maintaining suitability for organic and conventional growers.

red peppers

Continued Improvement

We know pests evolve and you still need to produce a consistent and healthy pepper supply. We’re proud to be leaders in innovation by delivering resistance packages that make a difference. For example, in protected cultivation sweet peppers we introduced four unique traits to protect your crop from powdery mildew, TM3, TSWV and nematodes.

yellow peppers

Sustainable Future

Minimizing food and resource waste is vital to the future of agriculture. With that in mind, our yellow pepper trait provides excellent color stability which helps reduce food waste, all while improving consumer satisfaction.