World-leading brassica seed varieties

Brussels Sprouts, Cauliflower, Cabbage, and Broccoli Seeds

World-leading brassica seed varieties

Brussels Sprouts




The top choice for brassica varieties

Syngenta brings world-leading brassica varieties to your fields and your shelves. Driven by grower and consumer feedback, we’ve invested in R&D development worldwide to bring high-quality and reliable producing Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, and broccoli varieties to market.

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Fighting clubroot

Clubroot (Plasmodiophora brassicae) is a serious threat to brassica crops, affecting an estimated 10% of the total cultured areas worldwide. The potential of cultural practices to reduce crop losses from clubroot are limited. Since 2005, Syngenta has successfully bred reliable resistance in varieties of all cabbage segments (Chinese, White, Green), Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and cauliflower.

The market leader in Brussels sprouts

With superior quality and constant innovation, Syngenta remains the number one leader in Brussels sprouts globally. In the United States, approximately three out of four Brussels sprouts consumed are Syngenta genetics.


Optimizing varieties for mechanization

Our new Brussels sprout varieties, TRIMSTAR and TRIMTOP, are ideally suited for mechanical and conventional trimming. They also feature high numbers of sprouts, excellent standability, and sturdy stalks, all for excellent yield potential. 


Top taste for consumers

We are proud to be one of the first companies to recognize consumers’ needs by breeding out bitterness through reducing the levels of glucosinolates specific to taste. We’ve continued to push innovations in our varieties for great-tasting Brussels sprouts. For example, with its stunning purple color, Coraletta® Brussels sprouts can be prepared in many different ways: stir-fried, steamed, baked, roasted, or even raw, and the taste remains surprisingly delicious.

“Syngenta’s portfolio of Brussels sprout varieties is so varied that there are multiple options for each segment. There are varieties with disease resistances and traits favorable for different grower needs … there is lots of work going into product development with many exciting new varieties coming through the pipeline.” 
– Pim Neefjes, Global Crop Unit Head - Brassica

Award-winning cauliflower

As a world leader in cauliflower, we’ve developed top varieties that provide reliable yields in even the harshest weather conditions and promote significant sustainable savings. 

iStem® cauliflower

Introduced in 2021, iStem has received numerous awards from various contests worldwide, including Fruit Logistica’s Bronze Innovation Award.  It has the benefit of a high yield for growers and appeals to consumers with its sweet, nutty curds, high fiber, and immune-boosting vitamin C.

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How to Grow and Eat Syngenta's All-New iStem Cauliflower
The Destinica cauliflower keeps its attractive white color, even when exposed to sunlight. By eliminating the need for covering with leaves to prevent yellowing by the sun, Destinica saves labor and reduces waste, while protecting the look and color consumers prefer.

Destinica cauliflower

The Destinica cauliflower keeps its attractive white color, even when exposed to sunlight. By eliminating the need for covering with leaves to prevent yellowing by the sun, Destinica saves labor and reduces waste, while protecting the look and color consumers prefer.

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Multicolor cauliflower

Syngenta has brought a broad variation in the color of cauliflower to create a different look on the plate.  In addition to our standard white varieties, we have purple, orange, and green colored varieties as well as a white Romanesco cauliflower.

Cabbage yields without sacrifice

Syngenta has a history of innovation when it comes to cabbage varieties. We introduced the first Savoy cabbage varieties to the market that combine resistance against Mycosphaerella, white blister, and clubroot. With unpredictable seasons, this additional resistance against several fungal diseases in one variety helps assure quality, whatever the season.

Currently, Syngenta researchers are working worldwide to defend against two of the crop’s most prolific threats: Xanthomonas and thrips, to help give growers the highest yield potential possible without sacrificing color, taste, and plant structure.


“Thrips and Xanthomonas can create many losses for growers. In addition to actual lost yield and weight, it costs more labor to prepare the product for the supermarket. That’s why we offer growers cabbages with resistance.” 
— Leszek Klimczak, Syngenta Vegetable Seeds Europe, Africa, and Middle East Portfolio Manager, Brassica.

Agressor white cabbage

Agressor white cabbage

Agressor white cabbage grows on 14,000 hectares of land across Europe.

Ramco white cabbage

Ramco white cabbage

Bred for taste, Ramco, a hybrid variety of white cabbage.

Stelvio savoy cabbage

Stelvio savoy cabbage

This pointed savoy cabbage is a novelty to the Syngenta portfolio.

Broccoli for a reliable harvest and consumer convenience

At Syngenta, we provide modern agricultural solutions that help drive the production of high-quality, nutritious broccoli, and our breeders work to optimize production in any environment in which broccoli is grown. We are committed to building a new range of broccoli varieties with better reliability for the grower and processor as well as more convenience for the consumer. For example, we were the first to introduce clubroot-resistant broccoli, and for the consumer, we introduced EASYBROQ® broccoli, with heads much easier to cut into different florets for convenience at home. 

“Broccoli – a crop that has shown a huge increase in area over the years and one that brings obvious health benefits, so delivering a variety that offers consistency in terms of disease resistance, marketable yield, minimum inputs and with ease of harvest has to be the main goal.” 
— Pim Neefjes, Global Crop Unit Head - Brassica

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