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Syngenta Vegetables at Fruit Logistica 2023

IDEAL Melons is a finalist for the Innovation Award

Join Us At Fruit Logistica 2023
Join Us At Fruit Logistica 2023.

The Future of Vegetable Seeds

At Fruit Logistica 2023 we will showcase our exciting new varieties and innovations. Also, our vegetable seeds experts from around the world will be there to help answer your questions.

Come and visit our display at Messe Berlin, Hall 1.2, Booth C-50, to be at the forefront of innovation, and discover what products available today might make a difference to you.


IDEAL Melons is an Innovation Award Finalist

Syngenta’s IDEAL melons has been chosen as a finalists for the Fruit Logistica Innovation Award. IDEAL Melons with the patent-pending Harvest Indicator Trait is a new concept for long-shelf-live cantaloupe melon that features a rind that changes color to indicate readiness, letting growers know the perfect time to harvest and giving retailers and consumers confidence they'll have the best tasting melon available. The winner of the award will be chosen by Fruit Logistica visitors who cast their vote at the event.

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What Else Will Be Highlighted at Fruit Logistica?

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New ToBRFV Information Center Gives Insights and Resources to Reduce Disease Impact

Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus (ToBRFV): it's critical to find solutions to ToBRFV because this virus can lead to up to 70% yield loss. Syngenta is proud to provide a number of varieties with resistances, and resources for growers to help reduce transmission of the virus.


Superior Lettuces for the Entire Value Chain

Syngenta continues to invest in research and development to improve yield, diseases resistances, climate flexibility, and the ability for lettuce to grow in different geographies, all while maintaining the sustainability standards our growers, consumers, and value chain partners expect.

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Tomato Vision Represents the Future of Tomatoes

Technology in greenhouses is continuing to expand and the researchers at Tomato Vision, Syngenta's premier research greenhouse, are putting robots to the test. Learn first-hand what
researchers are seeing, including opportunities and challenges, to robotics in greenhouses.

Syngenta Vegetables Has a History of Innovation Award Winners at Fruit Logistica


iStem Cauliflower: 2022 Bronze Innovation Award Winner


YOOM Tomatoes: 2020 Gold Innovation Award Winner


angello Pepper: 2012 Gold Innovation Award Winner

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