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Peas, beans and sweet corn

Innovative seed solutions to meet global demand

Unmatched quality and expertise in fresh market and processing

To meet growing demand for high-quality sweet corn, pea, and bean varieties, we’re developing long-term solutions based on emerging market trends and our understanding of what our customers need. By working across multiple worldwide market segments, we are reshaping the future of vegetables by offering innovative varieties that deliver:

Dedication to seed quality control and processing excellence

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Telangana, India

Our Global Quality Control Lab processes small-seeded vegetables and works with regional Syngenta labs to process sweet corn, pea, and bean varieties for global markets.
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Washington, USA

Our 200,000-square-foot seed processing facility uses a unique, two-pass drying system that replicates natural drying in the field for sweet corn, melons, watermelons, broccoli, squash, peppers, and tomatoes.
Nampa, Idaho Global Vegetable Seeds Quality Control Lab

Idaho, USA

The Global Seed Quality Control Lab is helping to increase the speed and flexibility in bringing products to market. The plant, which was recently expanded to meet growing demands, provides quality control for all Syngenta vegetables in North America.
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Enkhuizen, The Netherlands

The largest seed testing facility for Syngenta Vegetable Seeds globally processes about 75% of the small-seeded vegetables including melons, squash, tomatoes, and brassicas used by Syngenta customers around the world. 

Leading the world in sweet corn

We offer growers and processors more than 140 hybrids, including fresh market and processing types, each adapted to a wide range of geographies and climates. Our breeders and researchers are passionate about creating sweet corn hybrids that withstand the challenges each season brings. The research and development processes are stringent, which ensures only the best hybrids make the cut to growers’ fields.

“When a grower plants sweet corn, they want a healthy plant with disease resistance, strong stalks, and a consistent stand. And they need a crop that matures at the same time, so harvest is also consistent.”
–  Ilene Jones, Syngenta Sweet Corn Breeding Team Lead

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Fresh Market Sweet Corn

Sweet Corn Fresh Thumbnail

Processing Sweet Corn

Protecting sweet corn yield from the field to the store

Throughout this research processes, yield is a key consideration for any hybrid in the pipeline. In addition, breeders maintain kernel quality and plant uniformity to help growers have the best product at the end of the season.

Along with geographic and agronomic considerations, we also look at end-use to create hybrids for all uses. At our one-of-a-kind sweet corn processing facility in Minnesota, USA, the Yield Accelerator Facility houses the equipment needed to can, freeze, and vacuum pack corn the same way major processors do, just on a smaller scale.

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Protect Sweet Corn Yield From the Field to the Grocery Store

Pea varieties for every environment

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We have one of the industry’s largest portfolios of pea varieties with resistance to Downy Mildew, Powdery Mildew, Pea Enation Mosaic Virus, and Fusarium fungi. 

Along with industry-leading disease resistance, our active breeding programs have developed varieties with enhanced agronomic performance and pod quality. This means that they can perform in a greater range of climates, support a longer harvest window, and produce higher-than-average yield potential. 

Shaping a brighter future for bean varieties

Green bean growers need varieties that not only withstand seasonal stressors but also provide the end-use benefits processors or fresh market consumers need. At Syngenta, we have dedicated the time, resources, and research to understand the green bean market and growers’ challenges, and we continue to search for new and better solutions each year.

Breeding a Better Processing Bean

For processing beans, growers choose Syngenta for high yield potential, easy harvesting, disease resistance, and reliable agronomic performance. Our varieties provide growers and processors with consistent quality, varieties like:

  • Bastion
  • Emotion
  • Escadron
  • Huntington
  • Jameson
  • Pismo 
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Breeding a Better Bean

New Garden Bean Fresh Market Varieties

Our fresh bean portfolio includes varieties with rust resistance and uniform pods, such as Okapi and Tibesti.

Our geneticists work closely with researchers and growers to leverage the traits that have made our processing beans so successful, creating exciting and new fresh market varieties.

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Introducing Our New Garden Bean Fresh Market Varieties

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