Peas, beans and sweetcorn

Why growers and processors prefer peas, beans and sweet corn seeds by Syngenta

We develop seeds that give growers the greatest yield potential of high-quality sweet corn, beans and peas wherever they’re grown, and for whatever purpose - fresh market or processing.

This means creating seeds that perform reliably in every environment. It means crops that are predictable and naturally resistant to disease and insects. And it means less reliance on chemicals, reduced waste and greater sustainability.

But above all, it brings you greater profit potential and a secure future with season after season of success.

Global experience, local expertise.

Our presence in more than 100 countries gives us direct experience growing peas, beans and sweet corn around the globe in varying climates and weather conditions.

This collaborative approach gives us an unrivalled depth of insight that informs everything decision we make. So, when you partner with Syngenta you be provided the right seeds for the right crops, specifically suited to your environment.

Perfecting germplasm, environment and understanding the impact of Mother Nature is not a passive process. Thanks to our continually growing germplasm pool and a network of R+D sites staffed by globally-respected breeders we have developed a powerhouse of genetics and trait technology at your disposal. Not only does this give you the best pea, bean and sweet corn seeds for today, it also supports rapid responses to new and evolving conditions.

We protect our seeds at every step of production

Seeds are the foundation of yield and grower bottom lines. It’s critical you plant reliable seeds, provided to you on time and to specification.

That’s why we have an insatiable appetite for developing our seeds to produce the best tasting and most dependable sweet corn, peas and beans. But our innovations don’t stop there.

We protect our seeds at every step of production: drying, precleaning, cleaning, upgrading, treating and through to packaging, so you can be sure of quality and yield.

To protect grower access to seed despite any weather or pest hurdles, we produce seeds for sweet corn, peas and beans in different parts of the world, maintaining their performance for local climate conditions. In addition, we have teams dedicated to minimizing risks, using forward-thinking growers to produce the seeds you need to be successful every year.

Meet our facility in Pasco, Washington

We’ve also made substantial investments in the latest harvesting technology. Our facility in Pasco, Washington, USA is one example.

In Pasco, we are setting new standards in supply reliability with advanced robotics and automated systems to pick, pack and palletise large seeds safely and more gently than the human hand can. This means the seeds you buy are safe-handled all the way to your farm and you can count on the best quality seed at planting. What does that mean for you? It means higher yield potential, predictable crops and optimum...

Stanton Yield Accelerator

We’re working hard to enhance your profitability and environmental goals with seeds for peas, beans and sweet corn specifically suited to your freezing, canning and vacuuming processes with a continued emphasis on improving quality in fresh markets, too.

Our Yield Accelerator facility in Stanton, Minnesota is a great example of this. The Stanton facility has been entirely designed to replicate how you process peas, beans and sweet corn.

By using similar equipment, systems and processes you do, we gather data, test and make informed...

Understanding the complexities of processing is no easy task, but it's one we're passionate to shoulder. Of course, we work to enhance the profitability of not only freezing and canning but fresh market producers. Your success is our success and we're excited to partner with you.

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Competitive advantage

One of the advantages we bring you is our technology and the scale in which we deploy it. Our breadth and global reach means we have access to cutting-edge technologies that, when paired with our close relationships and local knowledge, gives us – and you – a valuable competitive edge.

Our ever-growing range of seeds for peas, beans and sweet corn are developed with the latest natural disease resistances to facilitate more cost-efficient and effective crop management. For example, consider the impact of our downy mildew resistant peas and...

These technologies and localized solutions all add up to flexibility of crop management and a more sustainable solution due to less waste and chemical inputs to help you meet the demands of the future, today.

Natural resistance

We are proud to offer you one of the industry’s largest portfolios of pea varieties with a natural resistance to downy mildew, powdery mildew, pea enation mosaic virus and fusarium fungi. We are continuing to monitor and find ways to increase the number of resistances to meet your needs and your customers’ needs.

Our global network of research and development facilities do much more than simply incorporate disease resistance.

Their active breeding programs have led to varieties that provide enhanced agronomic performance and fruit quality so they can perform in a greater range of climates, support a longer harvest window and produce higher-than-average yield. Not only are the crops higher yielding, they’re uniform in color and great to taste, too!

Global leaders in beans for processing

For processing beans, we are the world’s first choice. Growers like you choose Syngenta for high yields, excellent quality, easy harvesting, natural disease resistance and reliable agronomic performance.

We have great varieties for the fresh market segments, too. Our seed scientists are working closely with researchers and growers to leverage the genetic traits that have made our processing beans so successful, creating exciting new fresh market varieties.

Leading the way in sweet corn seeds

The sweet corn market is evolving as we work with growers like you to develop and introduce new varieties. As the world’s leading provider of sweet corn seeds, we offer more than 140 varieties encompassing fresh market and processing types, adapted to a wide range of geographies and climates.

Leaders in emerging markets

Regardless of technology, climate or geography, our seed solutions give us the ability to respond rapidly to meet your challenges, while helping you meet the changing tastes and preferences of your customers and their consumers. This means you can be a leader in emerging markets.

We are always working to increase our germplasm pool to bring the best solutions to growers across all regions. Our acquisition of Abbott & Cobb is the most recent example of this.

The addition of the Abbot and Cobb germplasm pool allows us to respond to evolving and emerging markets more quickly, with varieties best adapted to your specific needs to give you more choices to select the best variety for your market.