Sensors Give Vegetable Growers an Inside Look at Soil and Field Health

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Biodiversity Sensor, Soil Sensor
Biodiversity Sensor (left) and EDAPHOLOG soil insect sensor (right) will be showcased at Fields of Innovation 2022

From biodiversity sensing to soil insect awareness, Syngenta is helping growers about field health at Fields of Innovation.

If you’re going to Fields of Innovation September 27–29 it’s a great time to learn more about sensor technology and what they can do on your operation. Syngenta experts will showcase the Biodiversity Sensor, Interra® Scan, and the EDAPHOLOG soil insect sensor for vegetable growers at the event in Grootebroek, Netherlands. Each sensor supports crop biodiversity and soil health by providing you with real-time information that empowers more strategic decision making with both sustainability and profitability in mind. 

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Discover how Syngenta developed these technologies and how they can be used on vegetable operations around the world. Knowing more about what’s going on above- and below-ground means you can make more informed decisions. Having data from these sensors on-hand also supports a stronger climate as constant monitoring and data collection can help agriculturalists make corrective decisions or continue to support already diverse populations of insects and soil organisms.

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll see at Fields of Innovation in September.

Biodiversity Sensor

Launched at the world Biodiversity Forum, the Biodiversity Sensor features 24/7 biodiversity monitoring that automatically, autonomously, and reliably identifies most species. This data can help showcase what’s present in the field today and what that means for biodiversity overall. For more information, please visit the Syngenta Group Biodiversity Sensor page.

Interra® Scan

Interra® Scan Sensor Technology

Syngenta recently announced a new service to provide growers with precision soil analysis, helping optimize nutrition and carbon capture. Interra® Scan offers one of the world’s highest resolution soil mapping services, creating up to 27 layers of information, and providing growers precise information on soil health. Understanding the texture, nutrient and carbon content of soils can help you accurately and efficiently determine soil conditioning and nutrient support. Join us at Fields of Innovation and discover more how this service could benefit your everyday field management decisions. For more information, visit Interra® Scan from Syngenta

EDAPHOLOG soil insect sensor

Syngenta has been working with the EDAPHOLOG, soil insect sensor, in collaboration with the Hungarian Institute of Soil Science. It has been showcased at Wageningen University and Research and will again be featured during Fields of Innovation. EDAPHOLOG sensor collects data about soil biodiversity, density, biological quality, certain insect species, and the stability of ecosystems in real-time. Syngenta experts will showcase how understanding soil health can help growers make decisions related to seed and other inputs best suited to their soil conditions. 

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