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Have you ever wondered how seed companies keep up with changes around the world to keep meeting grower and consumer needs?

We’re constantly developing seeds that help you navigate the environmental, resource, and regulatory challenges you face day-in and day-out. That means we have an ear to the ground to discover what innovations could be beneficial.

Through innovative research into  the latest technologies, we’re continually developing new seed varieties that: 


Developing Real Value Through Innovation

Four reasons to choose Syngenta Vegetable Seeds

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1. Right quality, every time

For example, Syngenta is a leader in seed quality because of our expertise in seed health testing. For vegetables, the need for bacteria-, fungi-, and virus-free seed is critical. Syngenta tests every seed lot distributed to growers around the world at any one of its several state-of-the-art facilities. Enkhuizen, Netherlands; Hyderabad, India; and Nampa, Idaho, U.S.A. are the three largest vegetable seed quality testing labs for Syngenta. 
Our global footprint, grower-minded innovations, and knowledge of stakeholder priorities throughout the value chain enable us to develop the perfect solutions and provide support throughout the season.

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2. Genuine value in innovation

Our presence across every region allows us to test products and adapt our seed varieties for the environments where they’ll be grown, so we can be confident that we can meet your needs.

Syngenta was recently awarded the bronze Innovation Award at Fruit Logistica 2022 for the revolutionary iStem cauliflower. This innovative variety is edible from head to tip – including leaves! With this, growers can produce a differentiated product, consumers are supporting a more sustainable and tasty food system, and restaurants have a unique new option to offer their customers.

We evaluate around 750 varieties in our pre-commercial phase every year. Our commitment to development means we’re well placed to facilitate rapid introduction of new traits into market-leading varieties.


3. Growers at the heart of everything

That’s why in spinach, for example, we’re breeding more resistances into the genetics, reducing the need for reactionary treatments in season. Breeders recently launched new varieties with resistance to Stemphylium with Peronospora to help spinach maintain high yield potential. Resistance research is ongoing in not only spinach, but other crops to meet grower needs for more resilient vegetables.

Growers are not just a part of our product development process, they’re central to it.

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4. Making a real world difference

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