Our Growers

Our growers

Our Growers

At Syngenta Vegetable Seeds, we are dedicated to supporting our growers and partners around the world in this unique and complex fresh produce industry.

We drive innovation to improve flavor, quality, convenience and productivity for the benefit of growers, producers, marketers, retailers and consumers. Knowing the individual priorities of stakeholders across the value chain, enables us to develop the perfect seeds for our partners and is why we are regarded as a world-leading producer of vegetable seeds.

Reliably supplying high-performance quality seeds

The journey from seed to plate begins with our growers, which is why we spend time working directly alongside them to understand their challenges and economic needs.

The knowledge we gain from such close partnerships helps us to create seed varieties that perform excellently in the fields, and ultimately improve yields. A great result for growers, their clients and the end consumer.

Developing the latest innovations to excite your markets

Through constant innovation, our research and development team work hard to create brand new tastes, colors and nutritional qualities that consumers desire. From our award-winning Yoom tomato seed that combines excellent flavor and an abundance of health properties, to the Easy-Broq tender long-stemmed broccoli that is high in nutritional content and wholly edible - we know what consumers want, which makes it easy to demonstrate their effectiveness and key selling points.

Driving efficiency and productivity due to smarter seeds

It goes without saying that factory processing time and wastage are dramatically reduced when vegetables are uniform in size, shape appearance and quality. We breed seeds that grow into easy-to-harvest vegetables of the highest quality, which helps producers to maximize their productivity and efficiency.

Improving transportability and reducing waste

The supply chain is critical to the effective delivery of our vegetables and customer experience, which is why our R&D team have worked hard to develop high-quality products that combine taste with operational resilience.

Our seeds are bred to tolerate the stresses of transportation, keeping fresh and a consistent presentation for longer, which helps to reduce waste. Our commitment to excellent post-harvest quality also means we have reduced the need for plastic wrap on some of our vegetables, improving sustainability.

Confidently delivering against evolving retail requirements

With competition at an all-time high, retailers are under pressure to make the best choices for their customers. This means supplying fresh produce, with a strong shelf life, that is conveniently and appealingly packaged. We help to take the pressure off retailers, by providing seeds that consistently deliver high-quality vegetables that meet retailers and their customer’s needs.

Providing new colors, shapes and flavors to excite the most selective shoppers

Consumers are becoming increasingly discerning when it comes to choosing their vegetables. They’re looking for exciting colors, shapes and flavors as well as looking for the best quality products that can provide maximum health benefits. Our commitment to research and development ensures that we can continue to satisfy consumer’s evolving needs – it’s how we deliver our commitment in every seed.

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Our Growers

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