Where we work

Where we work

Across the globe Syngenta vegetable seeds are cultivated every day

Global Producers

Global presence, local knowledge

Our world-class team of 2,300 employees are based at R&D sites, trialing stations and facilities in over 50 countries.

Their dedication to the pursuit of high yield, high performance, best-in class produce means our quality and expertise is unmatched.

Global producers

We unlock genuine value through innovation

Close partnerships and dialogue at a local level enables us to develop solutions that address grower’s priorities. Working alongside farmers, academia and environmental groups, we unlock genuine value through innovation - bringing new varieties and solutions to market through harnessing the power of plant breeding, keeping pace with customers and increasingly challenging climate conditions.

The Americas

Our commitment to research and development has enabled us to provide innovative solutions to customer requirements across the Americas, such as the Full Count Program in the US, where we’ve shipped over a billion watermelon transplants to deliver the exact number of high performing transplants growers need.


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A successful and fertile region that is open to experimentation

We’re glad to be one of the leading seed suppliers in this fertile region. Here, the seed market is thriving, with particular success being achieved in the United States, Mexico and Brazil.

We are leaders in processing sweet corn, peas, beans, and are at the forefront of fresh produce markets, like eastern melons, romaine lettuce and specialty tomatoes.

Europe, Africa & Middle East

Across Europe, Africa and the Middle East (EAME), we work to address sophisticated market requirements, like taste and convenience.

We also work to deliver sustainable solutions to help growers improve soil quality, protect natural resources and deliver healthier vegetables to consumers.


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An established multi-cultural market

We aim to continue shaping the industry with our market-leading products and passionate team, who are closely connected to our customers across the complex and multi-cultural EAME environment.

Featuring pest and disease resistances, as well as weather resilience, our product ranges are unique to meet growers needs, whilst addressing sophisticated market requirements, like taste and convenience.

innovation centre

A hub for sustainable innovation

Europe is home to our Seed Innovation Centre. Covering more than two hectares of land with greenhouses, climate cells and laboratories, the center is a hub for research and development into sustainable vegetable breeding, which we hope will make it possible to double the speed at which we breed new vegetable varieties.

Asia Pacific

With breeding stations located right across Asia and the Pacific, we’re able to expertly tailor our seed varieties to growers’ needs and local climate conditions.

We’re also facilitating growers to produce larger and more sustainable vegetable yields in response to the region’s growing appetite for fresh, healthy food.

asia syngenta

An emerging market with growing demand for fresh, healthy vegetables

We’re bringing some transformative seed innovations to this emerging market, which is helping to secure the livelihoods of smallholders across the Asia Pacific region. Working hand-in-hand at a local level, we present intelligent solutions to grower’s specific challenges. Our tailored seed products for the region are well suited for the cuisine, cultures, and uses through out the region.

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Where We Work

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