Superior Genetics Mean High Quality Lettuce from Field to Store

Expert Insights
Krispice and SolidRib

From hydroponic production to field-grown, Syngenta is dedicated to creating innovative lettuce varieties to suit any production style and consumer need. 

For fresh market consumers, Syngenta lettuce provides superior nutrition, taste, and durability. SolidRib™ mini romaine helps growers and retailers reduce losses and Krispice™ is a hydroponic lettuce with many varieties and colors to fit any demand. Syngenta is passionate about keeping plates full of leafy greens, and innovations in these two lettuce portfolios mean retailers and consumers have access to lettuce when they need it. 

SolidRib™ Minimizes Quality and Storage Losses 

When it comes to romaine lettuce, specifically mini romaine, consumers expect bright green, crisp, and high-quality heads from the store or in the restaurant. With shipping, handling, and the general rough nature in which some lettuces are handled, it’s important for lettuce to be durable to reduce losses. 

“These varieties are intended for winter production and provide good performance in yield and durability in shipping, storage, and handling,” said Jeremie Chabanis, Europe, Africa and Middle East Value Chain Head. “Better resistance in the leaves during handling from the field to packaging center reduces losses and browning of the leaves.” 

SolidRib shows better quality over 10 days when compared to others on the market. Syngenta is trialing spring and summer varieties for fresh-cut and whole head markets for the SolidRib portfolio. 

Krispice™ Creates Opportunities 

From green to red, Krispice provides color to any plate, along with good taste and texture that keeps customers coming back for more. With high yield potential, disease resistance, and hydroponic optimization, growers will be able to keep grocery store produce sections stocked. 

“Krispice stands out for its crunchy texture and is harvestable all year round,” Chabanis explained. “T "This allows retailers to keep top freshness on shelves and keep consumers satisfied.” 

Syngenta is continuing to research new Krispice varieties, including new color options from blonde to deep green, and even including reds. With retailers, consumers, and growers more focused on sustainable options in the future, Krispice and hydroponic production are great options to consider. 

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