Seed World Features IDEAL Melons in 5 Most Innovative Products

Innovation Impact
IDEAL Melons Seed World Win Main Image

IDEAL Melons with the Harvest Indicator Trait are a game-changer to cantaloupe. The technology gives growers, shippers, and retailers confidence the product is harvested, shipped, and sold at the IDEAL time for maximum flavor, aromatics, and consumer experience.

And the technology is making headlines. It was recently named one of Seed World's 5 Most Innovative Products. Syngenta Vegetable Seeds is the only global seed company on the list, as well as the only vegetable crop to receive an award under the trait category in the award's history. Bringing step-change in cantaloupe, the patent-pending trait is an innovation signaling readiness with a visual cue.

This is a new concept for long-shelf-life cantaloupe melon. The rind changes from a fresh and healthy green to a rich golden straw color, indicating the IDEAL time to harvest in the field and reducing the risk of harvesting immature fruit and increasing freshness. The Harvest Indicator Trait allows the grower to visually see when they should harvest the melon. The rind color continues to change post-harvest, eliminating the guesswork for each stakeholder along the entire value chain. Giving everyone across the value chain confidence they are acting at the IDEAL time.

It is sustainable. Fewer harvest passes reduce carbon footprint, and more efficient logistics mean reduced waste and spoilage.

It delivers taste and aroma that are second-to-none, IDEAL Melons have the flavor profile consumers crave, leading to repeat and loyal customers reinvigorating the cantaloupe segment.

IDEAL Melons can be sold whole, balled, or sliced, diced showcasing true versatility, matching convenience demands with multiple SKUs to add value to produce aisles.

Key IDEAL Melon varieties have been launched in the Americas, with a robust trialing network currently in place in Central and North America, Africa, Iberia, Italy, and Australia to globally scaleup this game-changing innovation.