Meet Angello™ Seedless Sweet Pepper: The Two-Bite Wonder that Provides Convenience, Sweetness and Flavor

Innovation Impact
angello sweet pepper

When you’re craving a quick snack, you want something that doesn’t require prep. When you have 20 minutes to get a meal on the table, you need the convenience of ready-to-eat vegetables. All of this, and more, is possible with innovations in pepper.  

Seedless, sweet, snacking peppers provide convenience, taste, and low waste for consumers around the world. With more demand for these pepper varieties, growers and retailers need partners who can provide consistent, reliable supplies year-round.  

“Our Angello™ brand represents all of the seedless peppers at Syngenta,” said Lotfi Bani, Northwest Europe Key Account Manager Value Chain. “We’re expanding to add more seedless peppers in the future. The special thing about Syngenta’s seedless peppers is we have created seeds, not plant cuttings, that can be used to produce this great veggie.”  

Hailed the two-bite pepper, Angello™ sweet peppers offer a crunchy, sweet experience that’s perfect for snacking. Convenience isn’t the only benefit. It’s a low-waste product, too.  

“You can eat the whole thing—no pulling out seeds, just break off the stem and take a bite,” Bani said. “On top of that, it’s very tasty and is a step above others in the market according to recent taste panels for the snack peppers. We average a point or more on brix compared to market competitors.” 

Syngenta’s ability to provide seedless peppers that can be produced from seed gives growers the benefit of ease at planting, along with the high quality they can expect from any Syngenta seed. Right now, Syngenta is the only company in the global seed market offering varieties for the seedless pepper segment covering all shapes and colors.  

And this is important because this segment is poised for major growth.  

“We are seeing strong growth for snack peppers – both in volume and price, which is unique,” Bani explained. “Sweet peppers purchases have double-digit growth over northwest Europe over the past five years, growth in pepper consumption leans into snacking and sweet. We have both.”  

Today, Syngenta red seedless pepper is developing fast in Northern Europe and in Australia, Japan, Italy, Mexico, United States, and Morocco. Orange and yellow variations are getting traction in these markets as well. Syngenta’s research and trialing investments seek to provide more options in colors, shape, size and resistance packages.  

Syngenta will broadly announce when and where these innovations can be found when available.  

Look for more options in the sweet pepper category, as we’re prepared to innovate to meet value chain expectations, including taste and convenience. We look forward to being flexible to serve the snack market, and any new emerging uses for seedless sweet peppers.

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