IDEAL Melons with Harvest Indicator Trait Nominated for 2023 Fruit Logistica Innovation Award

Innovation Impact
IDEAL Melon Innovation Award

Syngenta’s IDEAL Melons with the Harvest Indicator trait was named one of Fruit Logistica’s nominees for the 2023 Fruit Logistica Innovation Award. Experts selected the 10 best innovations for this honor and voting will take place the first two days of the show. 

IDEAL Melons with the patent-pending Harvest Indicator Trait features a rind color change technology that indicates the IDEAL time to harvest, IDEAL time to ship, IDEAL time to stock, and IDEAL time to eat. With great taste and aromatics, Syngenta is confident these are melons growers, shippers, retailers, and consumers will love. 

“We know that with previous long-shelf-life melons, there were challenges that impacted not only growers, but consumers’ perceptions of the fruit,” said Bernie Hamel, Value Added Chain Lead, Americas. “With Syngenta Vegetable Seeds new IDEAL Melon varieties with the Harvest Indicator trait, we’re addressing those challenges to create melons that have improved taste, texture, and are more sustainable.” 

The technology in IDEAL Melons with the Harvest Indicator Trait turns cantaloupe rinds from green to a golden straw color. This is an easy-to-see indication of time to harvest, meaning growers only ship melons that are ripe and ready-to-eat. Therefore, customers can shop with confidence that the cantaloupe they buy at the store will be at the peak of ripeness and have good flavor to the last bite – every time.

Three ways IDEAL Melons are different: 

  1. IDEAL Melons offer a visual cue to increase harvest efficiency. The rinds change from green to a golden straw color when ready to harvest. 

  2. They offer a sustainable alternative with fewer harvest passes to reduce carbon footprint and help minimize food waste. 

  3. Taste and aroma are second-to-none. This versatility matches convenience demands with multiple SKUs to reinvigorate cantaloupe melon market. 

52 Weeks of Cantaloupe Production with IDEAL Melons

IDEAL Melons can be sourced to bring quality produce to customers 52-weeks a year. No matter the region or season, Syngenta’s portfolio delivers flavorful, aromatic, and fresh melons you and your customers can rely on. 

“Syngenta, along with grower partners, has performed post-harvest shelf life and transportation studies to make sure the product meets needs throughout the value chain,” said Rakesh Kumar, Melon Breeding Team Lead. “In shipping and in storage, the melons maintained flesh firmness, sugar levels, and overall performed well.” 

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