Hortitec 2023

Hortitec 2023

Trade Show


At Hortitec 2023, we will present our innovations of new products that generate value in each link of the chain. Visit us at booth #77 to speak with our experts and discover the benefits that the Syngenta portfolio can offer to growers. Highlights include:


Manchester Watermelon

From producers to consumers, Manchester is second to none. It has an excellent quality in the field with high production and in the fruit, adding in post harvest. All this gives growers the chance to produce a quality crop. The fruit is firm, of good quality, and has a thick skin that helps with transport. Manchester demonstrates heat tolerance by maintaining a smooth, even shell.


Caniati heart-shaped tomato

Indeterminate salad tomato, the Italian type with a unique heart shape that stands out on retailer shelves and strongly appeals to the consumer. Its extensive resistance package allows growers the freedom to select the best growing areas, providing consistent high yield potential and unparalleled productivity.


Copacabana White Cauliflower

Cauliflower for tropical conditions, being your best option for summer, is ideal for growers looking for a vigorous plant with excellent head quality, white and consistent color throughout the production cycle, adding good quality and productivity.

Visit us at booth #77