Syngenta looks forward to Global Tomato Congress 2021

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Creating the tomatoes of the future

Fresh tomatoes are full of challenges. How to breed them for a sweeter taste, a longer shelf life, or to be resistant to pests and diseases? These are the questions that drive our passionate research scientists to find breakthrough innovations and create the tomatoes that consumers, retailers and farmers demand.

As a world leader in tomatoes, Syngenta Vegetable Seeds is committed to investing in research and development to create fresh tomatoes for every taste and every purpose. It is part of our wider commitment to support the farmers who work tirelessly to feed the world, now and in the future. 

Tomatoes are the most produced vegetable around the globe. We provide more than 350 different varieties to growers all over the world, from our leading baby plum tomatoes, to the award-winning YOOMTM and our well-loved Climbo vine tomato. But taste and requirements never stand still so we are continually innovating. We trial more than 80 varieties with customers every year to ensure we commercialize the ones that consumers want to eat.

Proud to sponsor the Global Tomato Congress

Our tomato seeds are the beginning of a food experience. To make that the best, we listen to and talk with the entire tomato supply chain. This is why we are proud to sponsor the digital Global Tomato Congress, the leading event for the fresh tomato business, which will be held online on 16 March 2021.  

We are looking forward to sharing some of our innovations and hearing fresh thinking and the latest trends. Just one example: we recently brought to market our ground-breaking tomato variety which is resistant to the Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus (IR: ToBRFV) – a highly infectious virus which can devastate the crop.

Advanced genetics are the key

Our mission is to create a tomato for everyone, no matter where they are, taking account of taste, convenience, diversity, sustainability and reliability.

We breed tomatoes all over the world, in 10 global locations, because the requirements are so varied. If you go to India, tomatoes are often used in cooking so growers need specific tastes and traits. Thailand demands flavors that are a world apart. Europe and Brazil are completely different.  But no matter where, Syngenta can create the tomato that tastes right.

Ruud Kaagman, Global Tomato Crop Unit Head

By using traditional methods and new technologies, we generate advanced genetics for all kinds of tomatoes. We successfully supply the market in snack and specialty tomatoes, but we are not limiting ourselves to these. Look out for advances in mainstream tomatoes like large plum, cluster, beefsteak and Marmande.

Our new R&D center of excellence, Tomato Vision, is designed to work with the entire tomato community to speed up breeding. We have 1000 unique hybrids under testing in 14,000m2 of greenhouses, and opened last year an immersive visitor area to growers, retailers and consumers to connect and engage with us. Virtual reality visits from your desk are already available! 
Like to join us at the Global Tomato Congress? Register here!

For any question, please contact Marie Legendre, +31610973986 or Jérémie Chabanis, +33786887029.