Syngenta’s Active Greenhouse Business to Sell Direct in USA and Canada

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Climundo Tomato
  • Syngenta to sell direct to active greenhouse growers in USA and Canada 
  • Syngenta’s strong pipeline underscores its commitment to innovation
  • Continued research for new solutions against ToBRFV  

Woodland, California, USA, March 13, 2024 – Syngenta Vegetable Seeds announced today a distribution model change to their active greenhouse business. Effective immediately, Syngenta will sell direct to growers in USA and Canada territories. 

This change gives growers direct communication with Syngenta’s technical experts, as well as personalized customer service from crop planning to harvest. “Our goal is to help our active greenhouse partners in maximizing productivity, quality, and consistency,” says Ernesto Hagelsieb, Sales Manager for Active Greenhouse Crops. “Selling directly to growers will only improve our collaborative efforts and build long-term solutions with our customers.”

Active greenhouse growers looking for information about products can connect with their local Syngenta representative listed below. Growers also have the option to explore the Syngenta website and utilize the "Contact Us" feature to request a meeting or information. This platform allows growers to specify their region and crop concern, ensuring that the inquiry is directed to a representative with the right expertise.

Constant innovation results in exceptional active greenhouse varieties

Syngenta continually introduces varieties with new tastes, colors, and added values to complement a vast portfolio of active greenhouse products. New high-quality tomatoes with ToBRFV resistance are being introduced across different segments, including grape tomatoes in various colors and tomato on the vine varieties that provide high yield potential and long shelf life.

 Syngenta is a leader in greenhouse peppers, providing growers customized and competitive solutions with a high-performing pepper portfolio featuring new resistance packages that allow growers to maximize their production potential. In addition, by directly understanding consumer preferences, Syngenta helps growers find the ideal variety for their end uses: multi-color pack or bulk options.

 New active greenhouse offerings in cucumber and lettuce are currently in development and will be available soon, set to deliver maximum productivity, quality, consistency, and flavor in varieties that are delivered to these markets.

Syngenta’s commitment against Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus (ToBRFV)

To help greenhouse growers against ToBRFV, Syngenta recently launched four baby plum varieties – Crystelle, Emyelle, Sicybelle and Adorelle. These varieties have genetic resistance to ToBRFV, offer high yield potential, and maintain the quality and flavor growers and consumers have come to expect. For those interested in the orange grape tomato market, the Baldomero variety stands out, offering both ToBRFV resistance and a rich flavor profile. Additionally, the Climundo variety, a vine tomato, has been developed to resist ToBRFV while also delivering high yield potential and an extended shelf life.

Syngenta researchers are taking the current resistant germplasm and introgressing it into new varieties and new kinds of tomatoes. Research is ongoing to discover new resistance mechanisms to continue to provide active greenhouse growers with options. “We're introducing comprehensive products that boast resistance to ToBRFV while also maintaining the superior flavor, size, and shelf life that our customers expect,” said Hans Van Haeff, Product Development Specialist Sr. for Active Greenhouse Crops. “Our extensive portfolio brings the highest qualities expected by Syngenta, with ToBRFV resistance on top of it all.”

For more information about Syngenta products visit

Syngenta Sales Representatives - Active Greenhouse Crops


Ernesto Hagelsieb
Sales Manager – North America
Phone: +1 (530) 383- 8233



Cameron Lyons
Product Development Specialist
Canada/USA - East
Phone: +1 (519) 324-8132


Jean-Paul Cote
Technical Sales Representative
Canada/USA - West
Phone: +1 (236) 339-9041

Hans Van Haeff
Product Development Specialist Sr.
Canada/USA - West 
Phone: +1 (236) 335-7894


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