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"Syngenta Vegetable Seeds offers the highest resistance to support lettuce growers’ needs for both conventional and organic markets. We are also committed to our full-line of       specialty lettuces for mechanical harvest.” - Nick Barnes, Western Commercial Unit Head, USA.

As mechanization continues to gain traction in the lettuce industry and growers look to reduce labor requirements, Syngenta is developing varieties that are more amenable to mechanical harvest and mechanical thinning. Varieties that fit new production methods, but also have tipburn tolerance and maintain the eating experience that consumers demand.

Learn about Syngenta’s latest lettuce solutions against Bremia, Impatiens Necrotic Spot Virus (INSV), Fusarium, Tomato Bushy Stunt Virus (TBSV), and Nasonovia ribisnigri disease pressure in lettuce.

Stampede Romaine Lettuce

Stampede Romaine – INSV Resistant Lettuce

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Romaine Lettuce

Reliable varieties with desirable traits that address climatic adversity and have comprehensive disease resistant packages. In parallel, our romaine portfolio is focused on abiotic resistance traits such bolting tolerance and tipburn in lettuce.


Iceberg Lettuce

Standout varieties that increase production in a sustainable way. Our icebergs are highly marketable and combine excellent disease resistances and abiotic tolerances, ideal for both fresh and processing markets. Providing growers with solutions to cope with an ever-growing environmental pressure to grow fresh produce successfully.


Multileaf, Batavia, Endive, Spinach and Specialty Lettuce

Our lettuce range is well recognized by growers and fresh processors. Our multileaf varieties are superior for their volume, weight, tenderness, and uniformity. Attractive and flavorful additions to the salad bowl ─ ideal for both whole head markets and processing.

In the batavia segment, our varieties have excellent disease resistance and are highly marketable for retail.

In spinach we offer varieties with resistance against Peronospora and now also resistance against Stemphylium ─  providing more solutions to growers.


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