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Consistency and reliability every step of the way for growers and processors.

Meeting the Local Needs of Growers and Processors

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“At Syngenta Vegetable Seeds, our focus is on developing sweet corn hybrids with increased yield potential and recovery that not only offer disease resistance and sustainability but also excel in diverse growing regions. Our dedication lies in creating varieties that meet the specific requirements of growers and processors, ensuring a focus on both quality and productivity.” – Mel Calloway, Processor Technical Sales Representative, Pacific Northwest

With a keen eye on the unique challenges and opportunities that growers and processors face, Syngenta Vegetable Seeds is committed to delivering innovative, high-quality sweet corn solutions. Excellence starts with crafting quality sweet corn hybrids that stand resilient against growers’ unique challenges, and can endure the journey from seed to facility to supper’s plate. Each variety is a culmination of thoughtful breeding and innovation, aimed at delivering exceptional results. The research and development process is stringent, which helps to ensure only the best hybrids make the cut.

Learn about Syngenta’s latest processor sweet corn solutions and discover how the cutting-edge, Yield Accelerator Facility can revolutionize your vegetable processing operations.

Sugary (su) Sweet Corn

Sugary sweet corn varieties exhibit resilience under diverse growing conditions and feature tender kernels with moderate sweetness, providing a balance of sugar and the classic corn flavor.


Supersweet (sh2) Sweet Corn

Supersweet sweet corn varieties are known for their crisp texture, and long-lasting sweetness after harvest.


Syngenta Invests in Understanding Processor Needs

At Syngenta, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of consistency and reliability for our partners in the vegetable processing industry. Our Yield Accelerator Facility is a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation and quality.

"Processors want consistency and reliability not only in the grower’s field but while it’s in a canning and freezing facility, too," emphasized Ilene Jones, Syngenta Sweet Corn Breeding Team Lead.

Discover how our cutting-edge facility can revolutionize your vegetable processing operations.

How to Boost Yields in Sweet Corn Processing

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