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Quality Melons, 52-weeks a year.

IDEAL Melons by Syngenta
What are IDEAL Melons?

An IDEAL Match All Year Round

No need to set up a profile or swipe right. We know exactly what you desire and need in the perfect cantaloupe melon.

Now, when you choose IDEAL Melons, you can rest easy knowing you have met the ripe melon for you.

By leveraging our world-class genetics, combined with our trusted grower and shipper relationships, and the introduction of our new, patent-pending harvest indicator trait, Syngenta Vegetable Seeds can now further assist growers to plan year-round production, offering your customers more certainty that they can purchase the IDEAL melon every grocery trip—even in the dead of winter.

We Know Exactly What You Desire and Need in the IDEAL Melon

Ideal Melon US

Stock Your Shelves With Delicious Melons

IDEAL Melons can be sourced all over the world to bring quality Melons to your customers 52-weeks a year. No matter the region or season, our portfolio delivers flavorful, aromatic, and fresh melons you and your customers can rely on. We can now bridge the winter gap by growing our new harvest indicator melons in Central America; the remainder of the year´s demand can be grown throughout the United States.

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What Makes IDEAL Melons with the Harvest Indicator Trait Different?

The IDEAL Melons Differentiator

IDEAL Melons are the only long-shelf-life varieties you'll want to 'swipe right' on.  From field to truck to shelf to check out the, Harvest Indicator trait provides benefits at every link of the value chain. There are three ways IDEAL Melons are different: 

  1. IDEAL Melons offer a visual cue to increase harvest efficiency. The rinds change from green to a golden straw color when ready to harvest. 
  2. They offer a sustainable alternative with fewer harvest passes to reduce carbon footprint and help minimize food waste. 
  3. Taste and aroma are second-to-none. This versatility matches convenience demands with multiple SKUs to reinvigorate cantaloupe melon market. 

Let's Get Better Acquainted

With our new, harvest indicator trait, the rind turns color. This color change gives a visual cue to stakeholders across the entire value chain, indicating the IDEAL time to harvest from the field, the IDEAL time to ship to distribution centers, and the IDEAL time to stock shelves.

With IDEAL Melons, your produce managers won’t have to wonder if the melons are ripe and ready. It is a total sensory expression. You can see the IDEAL colored rind, smell the IDEAL musky aromatics, and feel the tight, dense netting, creating the IDEAL eating enjoyment for your shoppers, bringing repeat purchases and value to your produce aisle throughout the year.

It’s a perfect match, every time!

Start Your Love Story With Ideal Melons

With all of these varieties, we can offer the perfect suitor

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

We partnered with the University of California—Davis to compare IDEAL Melons against traditional long-shelf-life (LSL) varieties.

When asked what she was most surprised by in the study, Bárbara Blanco-Ulate, Associate Professor of the Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis, said,
 The color at time of harvest is improved, of course that's why you have a harvest indicator, but they [melons] continued to change color in storage. They continued to get more golden straw. To me, that’s more desirable to see a fruit that looks more golden straw and lighter color. I was not expecting that once detached [from the vine] the fruit would continue to change so much color and it did. 

 According to their evaluation study, IDEAL Melons had:

• Significantly more volatile organic compounds
• Significantly higher and consistent sugars 
• Higher amounts of the dark orange flesh color (abundance of carotenoids) 
• More consistent flesh texture

The consumer panel study showed that when compared to IDEAL Melons, the taste of standard LSL melons was disliked significantly more, leading to unsatisfied consumers.

IDEAL Melons Receive Global Recognition



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