Syngenta Hosts Holiday Food Drive to Support Local Communities

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Holiday Food Drive

Teaming Up to Fill Pantries & Bellies This Holiday Season

Across the nation, 100% of all U.S. counties struggle with food insecurity1,2.. More than 44 million people in the U.S. face hunger each year, including 1 in 5 children and 1 in 14 seniors1,2,3. For the many individuals and families experiencing economic challenges, the hunger and stress related to food insecurity is only magnified during the holiday season — with many forced to make tough decisions between buying food and covering their rent, utilities, medical bills, and other crucial expenses4. These choices can lead to nutritional deficiencies in those struggling to make ends meet, with lasting consequences for their short- and long-term health. At Syngenta, we believe that access to nutritious food and optimal health should be within everyone’s reach. Yet, we know it can be challenging for our food insecure neighbors to help get the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients they need to stay healthy. That’s why we’re working tirelessly to ensure no one goes hungry this holiday season through our Filled with Good canned food drive.


Improving Nutrition Nationwide

Delivering high nutritional value and long shelf life, canned foods have been proven to help children and adults in the U.S. increase their overall nutrient intake5—providing a great choice for fast, healthy meals and an optimal solution for meaningfully impacting holiday hunger. With quality produce like corn, beans, tomatoes, and more harvested at peak ripeness and canned within hours, canned foods retain the same vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and great taste of fresh produce6,7,8,9 in a more convenient, shelf-stable format. Our Filled with Good canned food drive will empower those in need to have a greater variety of healthy food on hand, making achieving proper nutrition as simple as checking the cupboard and as easy as opening a can.


Making a Real-World Difference, Together

The holiday spirit shines brightest when people come together—whether it’s gathering your loved ones around the table, supporting friends or veterans who are spending the season far from home, or showing up for the less fortunate in your community. At Syngenta, we’re embracing the spirit of the season with our holiday canned food drive, designed to spread goodwill and cheer to those who need it most. To maximize our impact, we’re cordially inviting our valued partners to join Syngenta in our mission to end holiday hunger. By collecting canned goods at your workplace and encouraging team members to donate, your organization can provide your neighborhood food bank with a large donation to directly benefit hungry families and individuals in your area. As a result, you can lift up your community, help feed neighbors in need, and make a meaningful, local difference in the lives of those less fortunate. Working together, we can fill pantries, nourish bellies, and warm hearts in communities across the nation this holiday season and beyond.


Reducing Hunger in the New Year

By donating shelf-stable canned foods that stay fresh for longer, we can all extend our collective goodwill efforts further—making a meaningful impact on reducing hunger in the new year and providing those in need with tasty, nutritious, convenient food options for months to come. Are you ready to partner together in our mission to end holiday hunger? Join us by collecting canned goods at your workplace. 

Reach out to your local Syngenta Representative, email Walkyhr Macy at, or call 916-224-1080 for further details.



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