Attribute Sweet Corn Stewardship

Grower Attribute Sweet Corn Stewardship Agreement

Grower Attribute Sweet Corn Stewardship Agreement

Prior to planting Attribute Sweet Corn, growers are required to sign an Attribute Stewardship Agreement. This agreement outlines the terms and conditions of growing sweet corn with the Attribute trait, including the terms of a limited license under Syngenta’s intellectual property and compliance with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-mandated grower responsibilities and programs.

This agreement is “evergreen”, meaning growers only need to supply their current Attribute technology number at time of sale or delivery. Growers do not need to sign every year unless a new version of the Agreement is released.

Agreements may be sent in using one of the four methods:

US Growers

Fax: 1-704-919-5581
Mail: AgCelerate
P.O. Box 221679
Charlotte, NC 28222-1679

Canada Growers

Online: N/A
Fax: 1-800-858-8664
Syngenta Seeds, LLC
Attn: Stewardship
P.O. Box 959
Minneapolis, MN 55440

All signed Attribute Stewardship Agreements need to be into the Syngenta office by August 31st.

Reseller Attribute Sweet Corn Stewardship Tracking and Reporting

Agreement Tracking - To request a list of your growers/customers that have been licensed or to find out if a grower is licensed, please contact the Syngenta Stewardship Team via e-mail at or visit and register to use the grower search tool.

Grower Sales Reporting - As required by the EPA, accurate Attribute grower sales data must be submitted to Syngenta on an annual basis. Resellers must submit all grower sales information electronically via an excel template (Reseller Attribute GPOS Template).

Reseller Attribute Template must be emailed to: by August 31st and then again by November 15th if any remaining inventories are left to be reported.

If you have any questions regarding the process please feel free to contact the Syngenta Stewardship Team at 1-877-GRO-CORN (877-476-2676).

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Attribute Stewardship Agreement

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