Syngenta Pomidor yetishtirishga bag‘ishlangan xalqaro kongressda soha yetakchisi.

Innovatsiyalar Ta’siri
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The International Tomato Congress held on March 16, 2021 highlighted the important technological steps being taken in the industry.

Robotics, yield forecasting, data utilization and selection (variety selection) are just some of the topics discussed by experts speaking at this year's International Tomato Congress. Attracting more than 2,000 attendees, the event featured in-depth research into some of the industry's most promising technological innovations.

Selection (variety selection)

Speaking about the future of tomato breeding, Syngenta breeder Haoyan Duo noted that the new Tomato Vision Center, which opened last year, combines science and marketing to help meet the needs of its customers.

"We want to grow tomatoes for everyone, today and tomorrow, and Tomato Vision is one of the places that fulfills this promise," he says. "For example, we currently have a virtual assistant called Hololens, which will show the plants in our greenhouse in virtual mode to our customers who cannot visit our greenhouse in person."

According to the duo, another important technology used at Syngenta is working with a large database.

"We collect information such as yield, weight of tomatoes, acid or sugar content, and genetic information of tomatoes," Duo added. "By combining field data with laboratory data, we can select genome-wide and make more accurate predictions in breeding." This increases the efficiency of the variety selection process.

Another news was the creation of the world's first tomato hybrid resistant to the devastating Tomato brown rot virus (ToBRFV) during the International Congress on Tomato Breeding.