With the availability of suitable tomato varieties, farmers can successfully cultivate tomatoes in the UK's climate.

Our resistant tomato varieties.

At Syngenta, we are known for our commitment to research and innovation and are proud of our extensive range of high-quality tomato varieties, that are not only delicious, but also meet the different needs of growers.

The emergence of varieties with resistance to ToBRFV is now offering the prospect of more certainty in the management of tomato cultivation companies, and these varieties are certainly as good as the well-known varieties that are not resistant.

When developing its varieties with ToBRFV resistance, Syngenta focuses on retaining all the good properties of the well-known varieties such as shelf life, important resistance to other diseases and pests, taste, and quality. Only then does a variety offer added value for the grower and the chain.

ToBRFV-Resistant Rootstock

Rootstock helps growers access great innovations while still protecting tomato crops from damaging soil pests and other diseases. We have been investing in rootstock development for nearly 30 years.

NEW rootstock with vigour and extra protection against ToBRFV.
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New to the UK market


• A wonderfully balanced high-yield variety
• Quick truss splitting with many fruits per m2
• A strong, generative variety that always has easy fruit set

• Deep red fruits with excellent shelf life
• Looks great on the vine, with an exceptionally fruity and sweet flavour

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