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Why Syngenta Vegetable Seeds?

Taking a look at what sets us apart

Today there are many producers and distributors to choose from – so why should growers continue to put their faith in us?

At Syngenta Vegetable Seeds we’re committed to supporting the people who work tirelessly to feed the world, now and in the future. Our seeds offer increased yield and quality, improved resistance and adaptability, whilst bringing longer shelf-life, nutrition and flavor. Putting growers at the heart of all that we do, our energies are focused on creating solutions that help them get more out of their crops, now and in the future.

Growers at the heart of everything

Growing populations and diminishing natural resources are just some of the challenges faced by growers today.

With our help, growers are able to overcome these challenges and enjoy bigger and better vegetable harvests, year after year.

By engaging in close partnership and dialogue with local growers, we have been able to increase the variety and adaptability of seeds to local conditions and create solutions that are focused around grower’s long term success.

Unmatched quality and expertise

Over 150 years ago we began our pursuit of high-yield, high performance, best in class product. Today we have a global team of 2,300 employees who are based in over 50 countries, researching and developing sustainable vegetable seed solutions in collaboration with farmers, academia and environmental groups.

Our dedicated and specialist teams have brought their expertise in genetics, seed technology and value chain relationships, to deliver a world-leading portfolio of 30 crop species and over 2,500 varieties of vegetable seeds.

Creating genuine value through innovation

To ensure a lasting impact on agriculture we’re always progressing and advancing our facilities globally. This includes our Technology Center in the Netherlands, Woodland in the US and Aurangabad in India. We also deliver an annual investment of over $100M into our R&D programs and are dedicated to investing in leading-edge technology that enables us to innovate.

As a result, we are able to rapidly introduce new traits into our market-leading seeds, as well as improving our ability to address disease and climate challenges.

Making a real-world difference

In partnership with growers, we’re transforming how crops are grown, harvested, processed and consumed across the world. Whilst climate change, trade issues and historically low commodity prices are proving challenging for farmers, through our investment in R&D we deliver new seed varieties that are resistant to disease, require fewer nutritional inputs and have improved shelf life.

We also help maximize seed effectiveness to ensure that they can better adapt to environmental stresses and provide improved post-harvest yield.