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Peas, Beans, and Sweetcorn experts helping you feed the world.

Partners who understands the complex demands of Peas, Beans, and Sweetcorn

In the world of pea, bean and sweetcorn (Large Seed Vegetables) are different as they represent extremely large volume of seeds that need to be produced, processed and delivered on time to our customers within one single year.
While some crops can be produced several times across the world or in protected environments, for Beans, Peas and Sweetcorn, the options are limited. This means that you need a partner who understands the complex demands of Large Seed Vegetables.

Team LSV
For the processing industry

For the Processing industry

All people active and deeply involved in the processing industry know that the solution is not in only one variety but in a “crop program” that needs to respond to the numerous requirements. Market proximity gives us a unique advantage to provide innovation for a large scaled and time sensitive industry.

Fresh market. We are your producer

In the past few years Syngenta Vegetables became more devoted to this market and invested in higher focused breeding programs with dedicated breeders and through acquisitions. Our pipeline is containing varieties that will make a difference for our partners. Next to genetics a cross functional expert team is ready to advise customers about our variety selection and its potential.

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Team lsv

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Large Seed Vegetables crops are now managed centrally by one organization.

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