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Welcome to Syngenta Vegetable Seeds

World-leading produce, paired with quality, passion and expertise.

A vegetable seeds portfolio from a business that is reacting to, and anticipating, the changing needs of our world. 

We offer a portfolio of 30 crop species and over 2,500 varieties of vegetables. Featuring pest, disease and weather-resistant varieties, our world-leading product ranges are uniquely developed to help keep plants healthy and maximize their yield potential. 

We put growers at the heart of all that we do. Our energies are focused on creating solutions that help them get more out of their crops, now and in the future.

A commitment in every seed.

Why Syngenta Vegetable Seeds?

Dating back 150 years, Syngenta was one of the very first companies to breed vegetables varieties. Today there are many producers and distributors to choose from - so why should growers continue to put their faith in us? 

There are four key reasons to believe in Syngenta Vegetable Seeds.

An evolving vegetable seed offering, that meets global trends and local demand

Across the globe, Syngenta vegetable seeds are grown, harvested and eaten every single day. 

From the Americas to Europe and the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific, we develop solutions with local grower’s priorities at our heart, so that we can meet their unique needs and requirements.


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