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Our varieties

With 30 crop species and over 2,500 varieties of vegetables, we have an extensive range of crop specialties to satisfy the varying needs of growers, although we are world leaders in brussel sprouts, greenhouse sweet peppers, tomato specialties, sweet corn, squash, watermelon and cauliflowers.

Featuring pest, disease and weather resistant varieties, our world-leading product ranges are uniquely developed to help keep plants healthy and maximize their yield potential.

We’re known for our innovation in tomatoes and are proud of the global recognition they receive.

We sell more than 350 different varieties of tomato to growers all over the world and have around 80 tomato varieties in customer trials every year, with many proceeding to be successfully launched and commercialized.

Our disease resistance and virus packages help to keep plants healthy and strong.

This helps to maximize yield potential throughout season, which can be seen through our cucumbers which provide excellent quality, even when grown through the coldest months. It’s also why our watermelon seedless and seeded varieties have become the market leaders.

Our pepper varieties tolerate seasonal stress and natural disease pressure.

This enables them to provide high quality produce that keeps consistent presentation for a longer time. As a result, we are global market leaders in red blocky peppers for low to high tech protected cropping and a long-time trusted seeds provider for red dry hot peppers and open field sweet peppers for tropical Asia.

Our leafy and brassica seed varieties are popular with growers right across the globe.

Our varieties stand out for their firmness, good shelf life and ability to mix well with other fresh cut vegetables. Clubroot resistance, which helps growers to achieve a reliable yield, is also a well-known trait in our brassica range and has now been introduced to Kohlrabi which is a real novelty for growers.

Peas, beans and sweet corn are in high demand in fresh and processing markets.

We continue to be recognized as a leading supplier and innovator worldwide for these popular vegetables. Our R&D team works diligently to reduce the impact of diseases and improve recovery, maximizing the use of resources and minimizing waste.

We are investing in this portfolio for the long term - given its contribution to global dietary needs.

However, producing onion and carrot seeds is complex and requires good genetics. We focus on providing higher yield, quality varieties that can be consistently produced, like our Champion Carrot which has excellent adaptability to different growing conditions.