Growers Find Solutions and Retailers Win Supply Chain Reliability with Syngenta Vegetable Seeds

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Discover how Syngenta enables success for the entire value chain 

  • Syngenta Vegetable Seeds is helping growers protect yields in crops currently threatened by emerging viruses 
  • Consistent yields and fruit quality means more reliability and sustainability for the value chain. 
  • Syngenta continuing its legacy of award-winning innovations for the value chain by providing products that not only help growers, but help retailers differentiate their offer to customers


Yield is king for growers and retailers. That same yield determines their supply and ability to market reliably to their customers. The value chain needs a partner who can provide the agronomic advantages growers need to protect yield and supply, while not compromising on taste, quality and consistency retailers and consumers demand.

Syngenta Vegetable Seeds is that reliable partner.

Virus and diseases represent big challenges for the supply chain. Aggressive viruses can spread across fields and greenhouses rapidly - negatively impacting growers’ production and supply to grocers. Syngenta provides a complete disease resistance package to protect vegetable crops and maintain high yield potential, while still providing the consistent high-quality, great tasting fruits retailers have come to expect.

For example, Tomato Leaf Curl New Delhi Virus (ToLCNDV) causes up to 90% yield loss in cucurbits, which means growers need resistant varieties to reduce the spread. Syngenta introduced Siriana cucumber, as well as Delfos and Alpha squash, with resistance to ToLCNDV for growers in key production areas.

Tomatoes are under siege, too. Growers around the world are dealing with devastating impacts from Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus (ToBRFV). Again, Syngenta is supporting growers by introducing tomatoes with ToBRFV resistance, available for every segment, including four new resistant baby plums: Adorelle, Emyelle, Sicybelle and Crystelle.

Proven winner with game-changing innovations. For three years in a row, Syngenta had the honor to join the Innovation Award podium:

  • 2020, Gold winner for the beautiful purple tomato, Yoom®

  • 2022, Bronze for the eat-it-all cauliflower, iStem

  • 2023, Silver for IDEALMelons™, the melon that guarantees growers, retailers, and consumers get the fruit at the peak of freshness.,


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