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IDEAL Melons

Bring quality melons to your customers 52-weeks a year

What are IDEAL Melons?

An Ideal Match All Year-Round

No need to set up a profile or swipe right. We know exactly what you desire and need in the perfect cantaloupe melon.

Now, when you choose IDEAL Melons, you can rest easy knowing you have met the ripe melon for you.

By leveraging our world-class genetics, combined with our trusted grower and shipper relationships, and the introduction of our new, patent-pending harvest indicator trait, Syngenta Vegetable Seeds can now further assist growers to plan year-round production, offering your customers more certainty that they can purchase the IDEAL melon every grocery trip—even in the dead of winter.

52 week grow

Stock your shelves with delicious melons

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With our new, harvest indicator trait, the rind turns color. This color change gives a visual cue to stakeholders across the entire value chain, indicating the IDEAL time to harvest from the field, the IDEAL time to ship to distribution centers, and the IDEAL time to stock shelves.

With IDEAL Melons, your produce managers won’t have to wonder if the melons are ripe and ready. It is a total sensory expression. You can see the IDEAL colored rind, smell the IDEAL musky aromatics, and feel the tight, dense netting, creating the IDEAL eating enjoyment for your shoppers, bringing repeat purchases and value to your produce aisle throughout the year.

It’s a perfect match, every time!

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

We have partnered with University of California—Davis on a multiple growing season evaluation study. Phase one of the study was conducted February–March 2022 with cantaloupe melons shipped in from Guatemala. Phase two, will be conducted late June–July 2022, using a shipment from Arizona. Phase three will use melons coming from California in September 2022. Each phase evaluates fruit quality attributes and consumer likeability after various periods of cold storage.

Consumer panels are being conducted at the Robert Mondavi Sensory Theater and are completed at 14 days of storage. All data is being processed and analyzed for the final report. Our preliminary results are indicating that IDEAL Melons deliver the IDEAL eating experience, and we can’t wait to share the data to back it up!

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